July 13, 2018 - Alissa Sobo

Today Ample is rolling out a new front page, complete with a map filled with all reviewed businesses across 3 continents! Go to Ample to explore the live map. The map will update every 15 minutes with new reviews added! Here’s a screenshot of the United States covered in beautiful beacons of acceptance, inclusivity, and accessibility:

Image Description: A screenshot of the new map on Ample's homepage. Map is primarily of the United States, with several multicolor markers on it to represent reviewed businesses

Not all businesses are positively reviewed, and that’s okay. Negative reviews help others avoid bad experiences and help us channel support to businesses who are doing a great job.

Here at Ample, we ask for reviews from 4 different angles: the fat, trans, disabled, and POC perspective. Users can review a business on their inclusivity towards any or all of these perspectives. By being pro-intersectional in our data collection, we can unite to fight against marginalization of any of our communities. At Ample, we believe we’re stronger when working together. Let’s keep adding reviews to fill this map with valuable information on doctors, businesses, and services!