October 1, 2018 - El Poché

We’re back again to announce a new feature on the Ample web app— one that will bring more useful information to you, the Ample User!

Image Description: A woman on the beach using her phone

How often have you been scrolling through your social media and happened upon posts and threads hiveminding recommendations for doctors in a specific city? Or asking about the seating in a particular venue? Or a peer raving about their recent service experience? I see these kinds of posts every time I log on!

While we can (and probably will) continue to remind folks that writing reviews on Ample is a much-needed form of activism, we realize that not everyone with great info to share will have the time, access, or inclination to write a review.

Enter Amplifiers!

Amplifiers are folks who want to join our merry band of volunteers and contribute data in an easy-peasy, one-click way: Anytime you see someone giving a thumbs-up on a doctor, service, restaurant, gym, or underwater basket weaving class, you pop onto Ample and click an ‘Amplify’ button on that business’ page that’s only visible to confirmed Amplifiers. You will be asked to classify the business (doctor, theater, restaurant, etc) and… that’s it. You’re done. You’ve now marked this business as a good lead for other Ample users.

Amplified businesses will show up on our map and in the top search results, alongside those that already have reviews. Similar to how Claimed Businesses works, a badge will appear on the pages of Amplified businesses, letting users know that this place or provider is being positively recommended even if there are not yet firsthand user reviews.

Image Description: Amplifier Badge

If you’re interested in becoming an Amplifier, please send an email to info@isitample.com. We’ll have a brief email exchange to discuss the privileges/responsibilities of the role. If you would like to also be featured on our Amplifiers page, include an attached photo of yourself, and let us know what name and pronouns you’d like us to use and where you’re located. (It is okay to be an anonymous Amplifier, but we’d love for you to get kudos for your efforts!)

Image Description: Screenshot of Shoog, our first Amplifier

We’ve got lots of user friendly features in the works coming up. Stay tuned!